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Description: 24K Gold Facial Kit is complete solution to a glowing skin and flawless skin. This exclusive kit has five products, each product has been carefully developed using herbs and plant extracts.

Anti Ageing Facial Value Kit


Description: The signs of ageing, which are resultant to the loss of collagen, include skin losing its elasticity and formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Our Anti-Ageing skin care facial helps stimulate the production of collagen thus mitigating and removing fine lines and wrinkles. This kit is loaded with antioxidants, which reduces the production of free radicals in the body and thus prevent aging.

Anti Pigmentation And Blemishes Facial Value Kit


Description: This Anti-Pigmentation and Blemishes Kit is carefully designed and scientifically developed using precious herbs and botanicals to help mitigate and remove pigmentation, blemishes and clarify skin. It shall also help to prevent the appearance of skin discoloration, leaving skin fresh and even toned.

Bridal Brightening Facial Value Kit


Description: Facials are excellent for stimulating blood circulation to the skin. Jovees Bridal Brightening Facial Value Kit contains five products, which are to be used as per the directions given below. These products when used together work to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells, reduce melanin count which helps awaken the glow within you. The products aid in giving even tone and glow to your skin. This facial will help to brighten and rejuvenate your skin.



Description: This De-Tan Facial Value Kit has five products. Each product has been very carefully designed and produced through scientific processes to help give optimum results Facial be done using advised steps.

Fairness And Glow Facial Value Kit


Description: The amount of melanin, the skins pigmenting agent in the body, determines the colour of the skin. This facial kit rejuvenates skin, removes tan, evens out skin tone, improves complexion and vanishes blemishes, acne scars & dark spots by reducing melanin production.

Fruit Facial Value Kit


Description: Jovees Fruit Facial Kit is loaded with herbal power of fruits which gives multiple benefits to your skin. The major fruit extracts used include papaya, apple, banana and avocado. The enzyme in papaya helps to remove dead and flaking skin and bananas help in moisturizing the skin. This facial kit nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and provides antioxidant protection.

Papaya Facial Value Kit


Description: The powerful rejuvenating enzymes in Papaya helps to give you a visibly younger and glowing skin. Each product has been developed using natural ingredients. Papaya enzymes (Papain) and Vitamin A that is in Papaya helps breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells acts as natural plant based alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that prevents premature ageing of skin.

Pearl Whitening Facial Value Kit


Description: The products developed include natural ingredients which have properties that can inhibit the production of melanin (primary determinant of skin colour), thus helping in lightening skin colour. This facial will help to rejuvenate your skin, restore its lost radiance and improve skin complexion.