Advanced Broad Spectrum Derma Shield Lotion


Description: Jovees Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum is an ultimate treatment for enhancing skin’s essential multi-defensive power against visible signs of ageing, environmental factors, and daily stress. It works to mitigate appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, the loss of firmness, dullness and helps to strengthening the skin ability to defend against environmental aggressors.

Active Ingredients: Natural Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Hibiscus Seed Protein, Cherry Blossom Flower, Rice Bran Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Broccoli Seed Extract & Spinach Leaf Extract.

Size: 50ml

Method of Use: Cleanse your face using a face wash, followed up with a toner. Take a small quantity of the lotion on your palm. Apply all over face and neck twice a day and leave on.


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Weight 50 g