Anti-Acne Pimple Cream


Description: This Ayurvedic anti-acne pimple cream is the result of an extensive research based on nature-therapy to help control and cure acne. It is developed using neem, long pepper, red sandalwood along with precious herbal extracts which help clear acne and prevent future breakout.

Active Ingredients: Neem Oil, Clove Oil, Long Pepper Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Bees Wax & Purified Water.

Size: 60g

Method of Use: Clean face and pat dry with soft towel. Apply on acne and pimples with clean fingertips and leave on. Use daily at bed time.

Best Used With: Jovees Neem Face Wash

Suitability: For oily, sensitive & acne prone skin


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Weight 60 g