Papaya Face Wash


Description: This face wash produced by combining the properties of Papaya, as it is an excellent source of Vitamin A and papain. Vitamin A acts as an anti-oxidant, while the papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells and other valuable fruit extracts coupled with treated granules that would aid in removing dead skin cells, deep cleanses the skin, helps mitigate blemishes and pigmentation. It also makes the skin look visibly even toned, young and fairer.

Active Ingredients: Papaya Fruit Enzyme, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Grape Leaf Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract & Watermelon Fruit Extract.

Size: 120ml

Method of Use: Moisten face. Squeeze out a small amount on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well and pat dry.

Suitability: For all skin types


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Weight 120 g